1963 Birmingham – A Civil Rights Experience

12.firehouse-against-demonstratorsKelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, Alabama, May 3, 1963. ©1963 Bob Adelma

This is a daytime tour and will begin Mid-Summer 2017

1963…Birmingham was being torn apart by the most harshly enforced segregation laws in the United States.  It was blatant.  It was wrong.  It was the law.

Water Fountains and Water Cannons.

Marchers and Dogs.

Children and Church Bombings.

We will not shy away from shining a light on a rather ugly chapter in our cities history…and that is what it is.  History.  It will be presented as such and not glossed over with a bunch of politically correct language.  There will be discussions of what hate and misunderstanding led to.  There will be uttered what is today considered to be offensive words and phrases, but were the everyday language of both sides of the conflict at that time.  Such words will be tempered and moderated, and be in context of history, but it will be there.

We will walk in the steps of the marchers and protesters.  The steps of the Reverends Fred Shuttlesworth and Martin Luther King, Jr.  The steps of the oppressed and the oppressors.

Come walk with us.