The Birmingham Ghost Walk

The Birmingham Historic Touring Company Presents…


The Birmingham Ghost Walk is our signature tour and is the one that started it all for us.  So much dark and interesting tidbits, along with tales of intrigue and woe, are contained within the pages of our history. For 2017 there will be two different tours just to tell it all!

You do not have to go on the tours in a specific order! Take the second one first if you want! It is a completely different set of tales of dark history!

These evening, lantern lit tours cover all of the dark and interesting history that began right with the founding of our “city in the midst of the wilderness” and continue right through the Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s (although most of the tales pre-date The Great War).  Come.  Grab a bit of shadowy darkness…and walk with us.


This is the first of the two parts of our dark and interesting history and covers the sites to the east of 20th street downtown. We begin with the tales of the founding of our city as a rough and tumble mine and mill town, and continue through tales of missing children, spiteful murders, and discovered corpses.  We hear the tales of two of our haunted hotels, and four of the five original churches of the city.  There is then the tale of murders most sad, which has led to the legends of the “Mermaid of the Lake” and the major riot that followed.  Then continuing through the darkness, with the shadowy footsteps that follow…to the discovery of a hidden cemetery or two…


This is the tour of the interesting and dark history to the west side of 20th street north downtown, and closely follows the route of the original Ghost Walk.  Beginning on the steps of Linn Park downtown, we proceed through a tale of our local version of Jack the Ripper and then to our only vampire story connected with the city.  We then proceed through tales of fraternal orders and their secret rituals. Body snatchers and funeral practices, and then the lights of the theater district shine next on our wayward walkers with tales of ghostly encounters at our only remaining vaudeville theater and movie show palace.  Then comes the tale of our most famous madam and her relationship with an assassin and a cemetery that will make you believe….