Supernatural Birmingham




The Sanctum Sanctorum, my personal home, was built in 1895, and has experienced unusual goings on since apparently the day it was built.  According to newspaper archives, the original builder, Mr. Michael Jacobs, committed suicide in the front room.  It is unusual, due to the fact that, although he was shot in the temple, the gun apparently was missing when the police arrived.  His wife, Sarah, lived on in the home as a grieving widow, and then in 1923…disappeared.  The home was sold at auction to a another widow, Olivia Stevens, who modified the home into an upstairs/downstairs duplex and lived here until she passed away in an upstairs bedroom.

The home has led a mixed life since then, with many individuals and families occupying it’s walls throughout the years, but none staying for very long.  The house has suffered periods of abandonment and fear, and definitely has the “neighborhood haunted house” reputation.

The last owner was a real estate developer who owned several properties, but when he purchased and began work on this one…he came down with a mysterious illness and passed away leaving the interior a ruin.

Currently I am restoring the home, and due to that fact it has exposed walls and peeling paint and other signs of the years of neglect the building has suffered….but, bit by bit, it is being returned to it’s original glory.  I have mentioned it on tours, and now has come the opportunity to step inside….


Coming on select dates in 2017