Notes about reservations, sold out tours, and tickets – Please read!

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Good evening – When making reservations, if you do not complete the process (actually pay for the tickets), the system will only hold them for 15 minutes.  After that, the system will release your reservation back into the “available” tickets.  I will have a “pending reservation” notice, that I may or may not send you an email about, and you are not at all guaranteed to be able to get that  particular time slot again if someone else bought it up before I get to it. If there are no “Adult Tickets” listed on a given tour date, that means it has Sold Out and I haven’t changed the individual tour date to reflect that yet. I limit the tours to, at most, 30 people – simply because any more that that affects the quality of the tour (and I wind up shouting for 2 hours instead of talking). There are no physical tickets.  Your conformation email is your pass.  You don’t have to print it out, you can show me on your phone, but the chances are I won’t ask. I think that just about covers it! Thank You! Wolfgang