(7/11/17) Tour Updates

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The default tour is the Birmingham Ghost Walk – Hotels, Churches, & Riots Tour, and is the one that is generally available every single evening. The other tours are scattered throughout the month and have varying availability. Please click on the “Book Now” button and sort by calendar to see the total months worth of events or you can sort by item and save when a specific event is available.   We are currently working on the final details of the Civil Rights Experience and will be scheduling it shortly. The various history tours are going as planned and will be scheduled during this month also.   Thank you   Wolfgang

Misc Notes

On a personal note…

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Thank you for your understanding and tolerance over the last several weeks while I have been going through the mental issues revolving around the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing.   I will be resuming full capacity and communication abilities beginning today.   Thank you for your understanding and Indulgence.   Wolfgang


(5/8/2017) Tour Schedule

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The ghost walks are continuing every evening. The main (1st) ghost walk is offered every evening except for alternating Fridays and Saturdays on the weekend. The other Fridays and Saturdays are taken by the second ghost walk. Please check the schedule to determine which tour is on what day.