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I’m terribly sorry for not getting the Birmingham history post up yesterday as scheduled. There was a bit of personal trauma, because the dog my best friend and I raised from a pup passed away yesterday…. There is an explanation of the cause on my personal Facebook page if anyone is intrested.   I should get the delayed post up this afternoon…   Rest In Peace, Cutie.  You were a good dog.

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Thank you for your understanding and tolerance over the last several weeks while I have been going through the mental issues revolving around the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing.   I will be resuming full capacity and communication abilities beginning today.   Thank you for your understanding and Indulgence.   Wolfgang


(1/10/17)Tours temporarily suspended due to injury

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Oh, the joys of being a one-man band. I fell on the ice and broke my arm, tomorrow I have surgery to repair it and I do not know for sure when I will be able to walk on tours again. It’s not going to be some ridiculously long time., it’ll just be a week or so. So I am suspending tours for all of this week and all of next week to give me a chance to recover a bit. Thank you Wolfgang