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The Elyton Land Company – Part 1

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I was planning on writing a short article on the Elyton Land Company, but as I started digging through the stacks, I realized that this is better suited to a series of articles – with some being more extensive than others.  So here is the first bit about the founding of the corporation that built Birmingham, Alabama.   The Elyton Land Company is the company that was formed to found and promote the new city of Birmingham, Alabama.  It was organized on January 26, 1871, which could be considered the city’s birthday.   The Founding Fathers of the city were a diverse group and will be covered in later posts, but they were all in some way connected to the railroad that was being proposed through the Jones Valley (where Birmingham is now).  In 1870 several of them gathered in Mr Josiah Morris’s bank in Montgomery and proposed to purchase land in the area, and through various deals managed to buy 4,150 acres of land – small portions of which have never been developed and are now owned by The Real Estate Company of the South (the successor of the Elyton Land Company).  All of this land was transferred to the control of Josiah Morris.   December 20, 1870 the following notice was recorded The State of Alabama, Jefferson County — To the Probate Judge of said County: The undersigned respectfully represent unto your honor that they have formed an association for buying lands and selling lots with a view […]